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Detector protection device for the protection of flat detectors

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    The invention offers an efficient solution to the aforementioned problems and is based on a device with a smart algorithm for automated beamstop placement.

    The invention comprises a detector protection method which provides a fast and reliable way to determine areas of the detector which have to be protected by absorbers automatically. The new detector protection device enables an fast and very precise positioning of absorbers (e.g. W pieces) on a thin X-ray transparent carrier plate according to the determined position pattern. The absorbers are precisely moved by a software-controlled positioning arm, which is equipped with a manipulator. More than 100 absorbers can be placed, repositioned, and recollected to magazines.

    The prototype of the device has already been successfully employed in several beamtimes at beamlines P21.2 of the PETRA III synchrotron at DESY and beamline ID31 of the ESRF.
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