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PLD setup on ILL

Updated: May 7

KönigsSystems has developed a compact PLD (Pulsed Laser Deposition) vacuum chamber for the neutron reflectometer Super ADAM at the ILL in Grenoble, which marks a significant advancement in the field of neutron research of thin film structures. This state-of-the-art equipment facilitates in-situ and in-vacuo studies, enabling direct observation during the film deposition process. Consequently, researchers can now investigate the structural and magnetic properties of materials in real time.

The integration of high-resolution polarized neutron reflectometry with this innovative setup offers unique studies of the intricate magneto-structural relationships inherent in film properties. The study of magnetic properties of individual layers or multilayer structures, without exposing the sample to the atmosphere and without capping protective layer, allows for the open of the true properties of materials and their interactions with one another. This is critically important for the development of new nanomaterials and devices with predefined characteristics.

Researchers can utilize this technology to monitor the dynamic changes in the structural and magnetic parameters of samples during their growth phase, thus providing a deeper understanding of the material properties at the nanoscale. The system's compatibility with a diverse array of metallic and oxide materials makes it a highly versatile tool, indispensable for cutting-edge scientific research and the development of new materials.

This instruments combination propels forward not only fundamental research but also paves the way for the practical application of these findings in the development of novel devices and materials. By facilitating direct insights into the atomic and magnetic structure of materials during their formation, this technology also opens up possibilities for collaboration across disciplines, linking the fields of material science, physics, chemistry, and engineering. Such interdisciplinary research is likely to accelerate the discovery of materials with functionalities that were previously unattainable, thereby fostering the next generation of scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations.

In summary, the compact PLD vacuum chamber developed by KönigsSystems for Super ADAM is more than a research instrument; it is a bridge to future discoveries that could transform industries and propel scientific understanding into new realms.

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