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Scientific Workshop with Vladimir Sivyakov

Scientific Workshop with Vladimir Sivyakov: New Approaches to In-situ Experiments with CVD. In February, a workshop took place at KoenigsSystems featuring Vladimir Sivyakov from Jena and Dmitry Novikov from DESY. The main topic of the event was the discussion around the creation of a compact CVD (chemical vapor deposition) setup for in-situ experiments using synchrotron and neutron radiation sources.

Sivyakov elaborated on his experience with CVD setups, highlighting their importance in studying materials under real-world conditions. Thanks to the possibilities of in-situ experiments, scientists can observe processes in real-time, which significantly expands the ability to investigate the structure and properties of various materials.

Dmitry Novikov, a beamline scientist, also participated in the workshop. He was interested in joining the discussion as he places a special emphasis on in-situ experiments. Novikov noted that the use of compact CVD setups could significantly enhance the efficiency of research at synchrotron and neutron sources.

Various aspects of applying compact CVD setups were discussed at the workshop, including their advantages compared to more traditional methods. Topics such as equipment calibration and integration with synchrotron and neutron sources were also addressed.

The event provided a unique opportunity for researchers to exchange knowledge and ideas, as well as to establish new professional connections.

Thus, the workshop was a significant event for KoenigsSystems, affirming the importance of new technologies and interdisciplinary approaches in the modern research process. The participation of Novikov and Sivyakov underscored the growing interest in in-situ experiments and opened new prospects for research in this field.

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