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Project type:

PLD system




The system was upgrade for special materials deposition project by University team

    Multifunctional Automated Deposition System "KS-Mult-D-Tool"

    ● Ultimate pressure up to 1*10-11 mbar;
    ● Laser types for PLD process: KrF, Nd: YAG, etc.;
    ● Maximum number of PLD targets - 6;
    ● Substrate diameter - up to 4 inches;
    ● Abillity to work in reactive gases at pressures up to 10 mbar at substate T<1200C;
    ● 5-axys sample stage for RHEED and oblique deposition;
    ● Number of DC/RF magnetron cathodes - up to 8;
    ● Magnetron cathode diameter - up to 4 inches;
    ● Coating uniformity;
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